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    Luka Lesson has 15 years of experience teaching hip-hop and poetry workshops

    Luka Lesson's newly released teaching resource: Amplify Your Voice for Schools.


    Based on years of experience in teaching both hip-hop and poetry workshops, Luka has created a resource that empowers teachers to help amplify the voices of young people using virtual video workshops, printable workshop outlines and dozens of inspiring resources.


    Mapped to English curriculum outcomes of every state in the country, and including a sample unit of work, this easy-to-use program includes over 80 pieces of content that make life easier for any English teacher.

    The resource can be supported by live sessions with Luka via zoom or in person.

    Direct Education Bookings

    Luka provides four main sessions either online or in person:


    1. Live performance and Q&A

    2. Live workshops (7 types)

    3. Live discussion of May Your Pen Grace The Page poem from NSW HSC list

    4. Professional Development for teachers

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