Limited Edition Signed Print // The Future Ancients

Limited Edition Signed Print // The Future Ancients

Celebrating 10 years since the release of Luka Lesson's first book of verses, The Future Ancients, this limited edition print showcases a quote from the title poem of the collection:

"In silence
is how we

Speech is the
of fate."

The Future Ancients is a poem that deals with a big question: what kind of ancestors do we want to be? In the future, we will be considered the ancients, so we are the future ancients.
What do we want our descendants to discover about us? What decisions are we making now that will affect our children's children?

In one section of the poem Luka Lesson discusses the power of the word, and how our speech is an artifact that will not just be left behind, but also build our future. This is where this quote shines, as it succinctly makes the statement - our words are the building blocks of tomorrow.

All prints are hand-signed by the author. Only available until midnight Dec 2.

Print Size: A3 (297 mm x 420 mm)
Quality: 340 GSM Thick White Card
Mailing: Flat Packed With Protection From Damage, Not Rolled
Signing: Hand Signed in Black Ink by Luka Lesson
Print DOES NOT include frame pictured - suggested hanging only.
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