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    Nestled in a tiny village on the Island of Rhodes, Greece - Luka Lesson leads you on an Odyssey of food, culture, tradition, poetry and ancient history in his family homeland. An authentic Greek island experience reserved only for the poetic at heart.


    Luka Lesson will employ 13 years of education and writing experience to facilitate a series of workshops that will uncover the oral traditions and history of the place his ancestors called home. This retreat is designed to inspire and amplify the voices of the new and experienced writers, in a naturally beautiful location, soaked in history.


    This program is designed to allow for each participant to be inspired by the incredible surroundings, to be fully supported in expressing themselves, and to be celebrated as their individual skills and stories are revealed.


    The Rhodes Poetry Retreat package includes over 10 workshops with one of Australia's most experienced performance poets and facilitators, in one of the most beautiful and historically powerful places on earth: the Greek Islands.

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    Subi Taba


    "I like the easy going atmosphere the retreat offered. There wes ample time to observe, create and soak in. The retreat was meditative and highly peaceful experience for me. Also our mentor Luka was very humble and approachable. The retreat gave a homely vibe and the food was extremely delicious and the stay was comfortable."

    Zechariah Soakai

    New Zealand

    "It was a privilege to break bread, do life and WRITE POETRY in Monolithos. That was the highlight: the village, the immersion in place-based writing/learning and of course, Luka is the man!"




    Babette Moules


    "I never really considered myself a poet, having not written poetry since I was a child. Having shared a week with Luka and the crew, I have vowed to put my pen to page everyday because of how generative and wonderful this practice has been. I am brimming with inspiration, having been immersed in such an inclusive, gracious and awe-striking environment. If you're even tossing up whether to come along, prioritise this experience! It is impossible to quantify how much it has meant to me."





    Lou Steer


    "Luka's easygoing personality combined with his poetic expertise made the workshops really enjoyable and creative. I have never written poetry outdoors in special places before, and discovered I loved getting away from my computer and going 'old school' with pen and paper. I felt really relaxed, recovered from the rigours of my Turkey trip, and wrote some great poetry. I made new friends too."






    Adelaide Friday

    Byron Bay

    "I loved the authentic experience the retreat offered. It was wonderful to be away from urban life and tourist traps. The week was a blissful mixture of both rigorous writing and relaxation. I enjoyed being disciplined every day and writing at every turn and vista we were offered. This in turn gave me the intimacy I needed with Rhodes and my company of poets. It really felt like a 'retreat' and I hope it remains so.​"









    Fly into Rhodes Airport and the local team will provide transfers to your accomodation in Monolithos village, Rhodes Island.



    from Rhodes Ferry at 2pm

    and Rhodes Airport at 3pm.



    At local Taverna - 8pm in Monolithos Village


    Travel Information:

    Rhodes Airport receives direct flights from most European capitals including London, Berlin and Rome.


    A direct flight from Athens International airport takes 45 minutes.





    DAY 4


    Breakfast at Thomas Hotel


    Workshop 7

    Structure vs Freedom


    Workshop 8

    "One-on-One Advice and Assistance"



    Siesta or Swim


    Visit & Solo Writing Time:

    Athenian Acropolis of Lindos





    DAY 2


    Breakfast at Thomas Hotel


    Workshop 1

    Introduction: The Role of the Poet


    Workshop 2

    The Art of the 'Stream of Consciousness'



    Siesta or Swim



    Kimisala Necropolis


    Workshop 3

    Digging for Lyrical Fossils I



    Monolithos Castle


    Workshop 4

    Digging for Lyrical Fossils II



    DAY 5


    Breakfast at Thomas Hotel


    Workshop 9

    "Critique Lovingly, Edit Ruthlessly"


    Workshop 10

    Memorisation Techniques



    Siesta or Swim


    Visit & Solo Writing Time:

    Local Orthodox Monastery














    Breakfast at Thomas Hotel



    Rhodes Airport or Rhodes Town centre

    leaving at 12pm.


    Distance from Monolithos

    to Airport - 60 minutes

    to Rhodes town - 90 minutes

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    DAY 3


    Breakfast at Thomas Hotel


    Workshop 5

    Modern Greek Poetry Traditions


    Workshop 6

    Homer and The Odyssey: Mythology or Metaphor?



    Siesta or Swim


    Visit & Solo Writing Time:

    Monolithos Mountain Walk









    DAY 6


    Breakfast at Thomas Hotel


    Visit & Solo Writing Time:

    Ancient Kimisala Palace

    Local Chapel & Square


    Workshop 11

    Performance Techniques


    Workshop 12

    One-on-one Assistance II



    Siesta or Swim


    Workshop 13

    Final Performance Rehearsals


    Final Group Performance

    in Monolithos Village



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