• residencies.

    Luka Lesson building a culture of poetry in your education centre.

    Luka Lesson has over 12 years experience facilitating poetry based residencies in schools and colleges across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Residencies range from one day of workshops and performances,

    to ten full days of workshops, guest lectures, solo poetry performances

    and student poetry slam showcases.


    All the information your education centre may need for making a booking

    is contained within the downloadable information sheet available here.



    “Disengaged, disenfranchised, disheartened. These are the students who stunned us all with the power of poetry. It was my wish that Luka Lesson visit my school to increase student interest in poetry. I could never have imagined that in one week he could create a group of courageous young leaders who would stand and deliver words laden with truth, humour and desire. He graciously offered not only his talent, but his heart to young people on the verge of being lost.”

    - Kylee Owens, Hastings’s Secondary College



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