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What Will Become Of Us?

We ask ourselves this question

in the midst of this mess

as our loneliness lowers our standards

and we start to search for answers

in the cynical speeches

of political ventriloquists

spewing out their old falsified syllabus

blaming anyone but themselves

from their own scientists to immigrants

ignoring the warnings of Indigenous Nations

and their limitless resilience and patience

We must ask ourselves this question:

what will become of us?

And across billions of screens

and millions of live streams

I have found no answers

So I switched off

I sat in the dirt

I turned to the earth and I asked her:

what will become of us?

And she answered

in a breath of wind

in a million new shoots growing from the ashes of the bushfires

She answered

in the death of a deer

soon to become food for the forest floor

She answered

in the jet white crows

lined up in rows

guarding the clouds

from their eucalyptus branches

She answered

in a full-bodied and pregnant sunset

with her orange lipstick and bright pink cheeks

ready to give birth to the stars...

I asked her this question

and she answered:

"What will become of us?" she said

"whatever you decide to make of us"

And when she said that

the people stood up

they felt her rumbling within their bones

bushfires finally burning within their rib cages

hearts in their fists

sparks on their tongues

their breath hot with the songs of revolution

eye sockets luminous and lasered

backs straight

ancestors hands resting upon their shoulders

spirits high

and rising

high enough to see the links between:

Ecocide and genocide

herbicide and homicide

occupied territories

and those most terrorised

women’s rights, civil rights

Trans Lives, the climate strike

Problems being globalised

solutions becoming localised

marching through the belly of the beast

the underbelly of severe oversight

so it is time for us to decide

What will become of us?

Whatever we decide to make of us

Through our actions

the future

will be revealed.

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