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The Confluence

We met

at the confluence

Where my air
in your lungs
spoke my words
with your tongue

Where my hair curled down your face
touched my lips
but carried your taste

Where your dress sat on my hips
and my lipstick was your lips
where your jeans wrapped around my legs
and I was on my knees when you needed to beg

Where my hair grew from your pores
it was your beard on my jaw
where your makeup softened my complexion
and your most honest moments
felt like my confessions

Where your figure was my body
where you made some mistakes
so I said 'sorry'

The confluence
where the words 'I' and 'you' became useless
so 'I love you' just didn't do it
we just said the word: 'Love'
and sat in the silence to prove it

Where my knee under your skin
joined my thighs to your shins
and my ankles joined your legs to my feet
and we walked the same path that we promised we'd meet

Where your heart
under my rib cage
beat your blood
through my veins
and my veins fed your arms with my reactions
until we couldn't tell the difference between us in passion

The confluence
where my lids covered your eyes
and your teeth clenched in my mouth
where my sights were all you saw
so my fears became your doubts

Where your left hand joined my right
when we came to pray to keep this love alive
where your hands definitely cut my wrists
but I still called that suicide

The confluence
where when it was over
only half my face was left
and half my skeleton lay broken
half my heart beat half a pulse in half this chest
and less than half my words were spoken
half a bird seemed to chirp
half a song in half a tree

When 'us' became 'you' again
and 'we'
became me