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Please Resist Me

Please resist me
colonise me, compromise me, conflict me
please don't risk me
if you see me at the airport
please come and frisk me

Please resist me
colonise me, compromise me and conflict me
please don't risk me
please call me stupid
because your resistance
brings my evolution

Please resist me
call me a wog
it’s brought us so close together I could call me a squad

Please resist me
lock me in solitary confinement
I'll close my eyes and admire the quality of the silence
I'll write rhymes in my mind honestly and define them
solidly redefine and memorise them
until like a diamond
when I come out I’ll be better than when I arrived in

Please resist me,
keep me under the thumb
keep me down-trodden keep me under the gun
keep me working harder under thunder and sun
son - haven't you heard?
I'm becoming a gun

Please resist me
because resistance brings evolution
and you've resisted me consistently
I thank you for your contribution

I'm a happy man
your stupidity has made me strong
I've developed wings
a thick skin
and this here opposable thumb
it holds my pen which loads my explodable tongue
so without loading a gun
I'm killing high quotas of unemotional...

you also taught me to speak French
I learnt it when you kept keeping me at arms-length
and then I learnt Italian just to expand my head
and Greek to learn from where my ancestors had fled
and then I learnt some Yanyuwa
just to show the people of this land respect
you see
it's been your example that has led me to leave you for dead

So don't trust me

I'm risky

Insurmountable unaccountable
I'm an undeniable unreliable maniacal liability
I fire soliloquies and my liturgies literally leave a literary litany

You see
when I was little
they told me I was:
illegitimate, illiterate and limited
little did they know that in a minute I'd be killing it
I'm vivid like in cinemas
so my synonym is vividness
I stick it like I'm cinnamon
and kill it like a militant
I live it like a citizen - you live a life like imprisonment
besides Indigenous, immigrant might be the most legitimate of citizen

so it’s better to live a life like us...

isn't it?


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